Sunday, May 5, 2013

Women Empowerment

The empowerment of women is an important aspect in the concept of both global and development. Women’s contributions are necessary for socio-economic development. The empowerment of women is an inseparable factor which should be guaranteed at all levels of state administration. There are a lot of hindrances to women empowerment and women development. Women are compelled to work at low wage in agriculture or other non-recognized sectors. Although there has been a lot of thinking and planning for women empowerment both in government and non-government levels, materialization of them is far from being satisfactory. For women development and empowerment, our government has founded women Rehabilitation Board. Rehabilitation and Welfare Foundation, National Women Organization, Women Affairs Directorate and Independent Women and Children Affairs Ministry. The role of women representative in local bodies and state politics is ensured to accelerate has been made. This provision in the constitution will enhance the role of women in rural areas. There is no alternative to making women economically, socially and politically self-reliant and empowered. The empowerment of women is a must to build up a reformed world of safety and prosperity. Last of all, there should be no disparity between men and women in the name of religion or creed or place of birth.