Model of a program profile to submit before sponsors


Sub: Request for sponsorship.

Dear Sponsor, (give the name for example, XYZ creative Pvt. Ltd)

I feel happy to contact you at the suggestion of (give the name) who informed me that your company specializes in managing and sponsoring Cultural Programs. I wish to present your company XYZ Creative Pvt. Ltd, an opportunity to sponsor Program- “Sujaneshu Uthsob”  which will reach your company name & products to hundreds of people.
The function has been scheduled to be held after 3 months and so we have decided to fix the sponsor for our program. We've decided to host two day programs including art competition/writing competition, publishing books, rallies, cultural function & picnic.
All the benefits derived from the sponsorship programs will be distributed as per the rules and regulations we have laid down. We would be happy to share all the information with you once you're ready to contact us.

We hope a quick response from you so that we can discuss the event in detail. I'll contact you on (give the date/time) to ask for a scheduling a meeting with your company. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me on my (give phone number and email ID).

Yours sincerely,

(Give the name)
Program Planning and coordinator

(A Weekly Page of Daily Purbokon)

Introduction: “Sujaneshu” is a renowned weekly page of Daily Purbokon in Chittagong. Published on every saturday. It is mainly a reader page containing articles, short stories, poems etc. It’s aim is to create sensible readers & writers. “Sujaneshu” approximately has more than 3000 (three thousand) members and so many fans in Chittagong Zone who are known as “Sujan”. It is a non-profit organization. It started its journey from .................. Once it was a mere weekly page. Now it became a organization itself. Many a members of this organization always ready to work for the organization without pay not because they are members, just because the love the page.

Sujaneshu Uthsob: “Sujaneshu” has taken a step to organize a program named- “Sujaneshu Uthsob- A Journey to Future/Live happily/Let’s go for a change”. This Program will be arranged to produce more free thinkers of society and to inspire young writers to write for social reformation. This program will be a two days program including art/writing competition, book publishing, rallies, cultural function, display of “Sujaneshu” pages & picnic.

Sujaneshu Uthsob Details
  • Before the program: An art/writing competition will be held among college, university students. To attract people leaflets, entry forms (Bearing the logo and name of the sponsored co.) will be distributed to several colleges & universities. After a certain period a competition will be organized and thus a fixed number of talented artist/writer will be selected to give lucrative prizes. We hope this arrangement will bring a good fame & name for the sponsored company as well as for Daily Purbokon. Prizes will be distributed on the program day.
  • On Program Day:
  1. A rally will be arranged. The members of Sujaneshu will join the procession with T-shirt, cap, banners (Marked with Sponsored Company Logo/Name). We expect At least 200 (two hundred) members will join us in the rally happily. The rally will long for half an hour
  2. Program Opening. (The program will be opened by the head/representative of the sponsored co.)
  3. Guests Receiving.
Guest List:-
  1. Short Speech of the guests (containing subject/issues of the program & the help provided by the sponsors )
  2. Uncovering of Published book. (In Introduction of the book editor will glorify the Sponsored company)
  3. Cultural Program.
  4. Prize Distribution.
  5. Entertainment/Dinner.
  6. Raffle draw.
  7. Ending Speech.
·        After The Program: A picnic will be arranged after the program either the next day or next week to a nearest spot.

More About “Sujaneshu Uthsob”

1. Program Objectives: As a non-profit organization Sujaneshu will mainly aim at the reformation of society. It’s one major task is to create consciousness among people and to create interest among young people to do something for society, community & country. Not only this, through this program, Sujaneshu will deliver this message to many readers & public.

2. Venue: This program will be held near GEC Moore, Daily Purbokon Office in Shilpakala Academy. We will book a community centre or hall for the program. Where many people can easily gather around. (We will consider Sponsor co.’s suggestion regarding selection of the venue)

3. Advertising Opportunities: If a company wants to promote this program, we will be highly glad and we will do as far as abilities allow us. Details of this program will be published on “The Daily Purbokon” as well as on “Sujaneshu”. On the publications sponsored company will be highlighted. Through sponsoring “Sujaneshu Uthsob” a company can easily get advertised and its name will reach to the readers & public. Moreover, the company will get admiration with the publicity for promoting a non-profitable organization. As now “The Daily Purbokon” owns a website, the program news can easily attract people on Internet. We expect it will also bring a good public circulation for sponsored company.

4. Outcomes: The outcome of the arrangement will have a far reaching effect on people. We are expecting such outcomes below-
      1. Through this program some talented writers/artists will come to light, who could
          never get any help to flourish their talent & possibilities.

5. Target Audience: This is a program to attract young people so the major parts of the audience will be young people, especially- young people from college, universities. This is because; young people are the future of a nation.

6. Program Time Schedule:  .................................................

7. Program Organizers/Controllers:
8. Program Partners:
9. Program associates:
10. Program Budget:

Competition arrangement
Book Publishing
Program arrangement