Sunday, May 5, 2013

Necessity Of Sports

Good health refers to the physical and mental soundness which makes one healthy, fit and active and keeps one free from diseases. But it is not easy to maintain good health. In order to keep good health, one should follow certain rules of health. One should take proper rest or sleep and above all, a balanced diet. Besides these rules there is another important thing is must for maintaining good health, that is sports. Sports can help one to be healthy and strong. There are two kinds of sports–indoor games and outdoor games, and both are necessary for our life. Because, it preserves the physical fitness as a result of moving, walking and running through various sports. It also helps to determine the personality of a man whether he will have the rigidity or the laxity of character. Both kinds of sports are popular among people. Sports help a man to have a healthy life free from anxiety and tension. I usually take part in outdoor sports, especially I love to play cricket. Sports, of course, strengthen international brotherhood. When an international sports event is arranged, many people across the world gather in a particular place. They come close to one another and share their feelings and ideas. Thus a sense of brotherhood is developed through sports.